Our Mission

To create safe sober environments where people can receive the Father’s love, discover their value and identity in Christ, and to be released into the purpose God has for them.



Currently, Beulah Outreach Ministries International (BOMI) has one residential house "Faith House" located in Dinkytown (U of M campus). Faith House has four floors which serves both men and women. Approximately seventy people have received ministry from BOMI and released into their call since the ministry started in 2008.


  • Residents: We provide one-on-one counseling, weekly classes, experiential training, and outreach assignments to build up and assist the resident in their transformation in becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ.
  • Leadership: We mentor new leaders to become overseers of the upcoming residential homes, train and empower volunteers to minister to residents based on their calling, and provide one-on-one mentoring into the global vision of establishing the Kingdom of God in families, communities, cities and nations.


Global Expansion Activities: Kenya East and Liberia West Africa:

  • Assisted in development and implementation of the first Teen Challenge Drug Rehabilitation Center in Liberia
  • Created sustainable business for community sustenance (microfinancing using motorized peanut grinders)
  • Established sustainable purified drinking water systems
  • Discipleship in intercession and taking territory (Liberia)

Kenya Misson's Trip:

Local Expansion Activities: Minneapolis, MN

The Commons on Marice:

Little Earth Reservation Outreach:



Where We Want To Go

Take the vision and model to the nations both local and international.

  • Local: establish housing specific for women and additional co-ed and men’s housing as needed.
  • International: help to establish housing for the women in Liberia through the Teen Challenge program.
  • Create teams to support each individual residential house (financial partners, intercessors, housing overseers, teachers/mentors, volunteers)